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Stringer Module released as a standalone program

[11-01-2008 08:04]

The newest addition to Pseudoku, the Stringer module has now been released as a standalone program.
Stringer takes a Sudoku image, and extracts the numbers using very simple Optical Character Recognition routine. Because it's very simple, it can only definitely recognize images of BrainBasher's Sudoku. After it extracts the numbers (substituting zero for blanks), Stringer will show the result and also put it into the clipboard. It can then be pasted onto a text file, or even Pseudoku's Create From String module.
The standalone Stringer module can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Pseudoku 1.5 Released!

[06-12-2007 13:12]

After a major overhaul, Pseudoku is finally ready to be unveiled to the world.
The program has been through several design changes, departing from version 1.0, specifically the no-mouse approach. Now, users can use the keyboard to navigate anything on the Pseudoku GameBoard. Of course, mouse lovers can also still use their mice to use Pseudoku.

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